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Chairman’s Column
Toraj Khavari
It is a new wonderful year and start of a fresh fiscal budget year. The Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP)’s fiscal year is from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. The Board and I have been working  on closing out last year and planning for 2017.
We are making significant progress in the Bull Mountain Park development with a noteworthy impact in our community. You are amazing and awesome supporters, volunteers and donors. Let us look at the 2016 highlights.
Ø  Secured two rounds of grant funding from Metro and City Of Tigard.
Ø  Met our donation and professional service in-kind financial goals for 2016.
Ø  Completed detailed construction design and documentation.
Ø  Selected and accumulated major construction Bill Of Materials (BOM).
Ø  Selected GSE Inc. for our construction contractor and partner.
Ø  Processed and received all construction permits.
Ø  Started construction on Oct. 5, 2016.
Ø  Held our Golden Shovel Ceremony, 8 community events, and ten volunteer work events.
Ø  Introduced the Khavari Challenge: to date we have $6,850 matching funds for 2016. The remaining $3,150 challenge will be for the 1st half of 2017.
Take a minute and review; you did this!

2016 was the largest financial year for FBMP and Bull Mountain Park development. We had our most notable progress since the park development began in 2012! It is an honor and pleasure to be your Chairman; you make my job as president truly enjoyable.

2017 is the year for finishing projects and stabilization. Our construction completion date is planned for end of 3Q/ beginning of 4Q2017, depending on if we achieve our 2017 goals. Community participation in 2016 was the highest in the Bull Mountain Park development. The community involvement and support are paramount to the Park development and to a successful completion. With our final steps for completion planned for this year, this is a great time to get involved and make a difference!

Are you making difference? Are you involved in meaningful and long lasting efforts?

I encourage you to show up, get involved, and help us make Bull Mountain Park development a reality.
See you in the park.
Upcoming Events
April 27th FBMP Quarterly    Meeting, 7pm Firehouse #33 Sherwood
June 1st Talbots-Bridgeport Fundraiser                             June 16th Party for the Park Fundraiser
July 27th FBMP Quarterly Meeting/Picnic in the Park
August 10th Picnic in the Park                                          August 24th Picnic in the Park
September 7th Picnic in the Park                                     September 21st Picnic in the Park

Come Grow with Us……………….Naturally
By Sarah Soper
2016 was a great year but our FBMP fundraising plans are kicking into OVERDRIVE! The committee has planned an exciting new schedule to try to raise enough money to complete our 2017 construction plans for the park. We have a very special soiree event planned for June 16th with one of our fundraising partners, Maggie Armstrong with the local real estate company, The Kelly Group. The June 16th event will be at a local winery and feature local foods and entertainment. Save the Date! 

On June 1st, we are partnering with Talbots – Bridgeport Village for a fun fundraising event! Mark your calendars!

Stay tuned for other events, especially one for our four legged friends. We are planning to host our favorite Picnics in the Park again this year with local musicians. Bring a picnic basket, invite your friends and relax in a beautiful setting, meet your neighbors and raise funds for our park.

Our newest fundraising effort, “Be a ROCKstar!” Purchase your own rock engraving in the park!
  Details soon!

Volunteer Projects

Linda Shaw
Last month, we had National Honor Society students from Tigard High, Cameron Lesinski and Lauren McFall organize two projects to help us start a new trail called the Gaarde Extension trail. They had to remove the invasive blackberries and then plant trees in the same spot to help with erosion as well as promote new native growth at the beginning of the trail. These kids put a lot of effort in organizing a crew, and when it came down to the actual event, the student group who did show up to work in the downpour was the (CE)2 students at Tigard High. 

(CE)2 stands for Community Experience for Career Education. This program operates as an educational alternative for Tigard and Tualatin high school students. Since 1972, it has offered many benefits including credits in all academic areas, internships, and volunteering to help give back to the community. This program helps teens become responsible young adults. Students in (CE)2 have requirements they need to meet to be accepted in this program and to stay in it. These students have helped us complete several projects for the City of Tigard. For Bull Mountain Park, these kids have removed invasive blackberry bushes, planted trees, and have maintained and developed a new trail so the community could still walk through the park during its construction. Thank you to the (CE)2 students who are amazing, hardworking young adults. We really could not have completed these projects without them.

Feeding Hummingbirds

Irene Khavari
We love our humming birds here on “the Lane” (Woodshire Lane). Often during our neighborhood meet and greets, the subject of nectar comes up. How to make it; stronger in the winter months than in the summer months, should it be colored?, etc. How this little creature can bring about such joy and wonder is a mystery; along with many other attributes and scientific questions, still un-answered. When we first moved here in 2005, we saw them feeding in our brightly colored flowers and residing in the bushes close to our deck. We thought it would be fun and rewarding to get some feeders so as to observe them more closely. This certainly was a good idea, and as has happened so many times in our lives;, Providence stepped in to ensure we would learn the best way to do it.

We spent a considerable amount of time with the “Backyard Bird” people, at that time located in McCann’s Pharmacy in King City. The experts on staff advised us about the nectar and the kinds of bird feeders they like. If not threatened, the hummingbirds will light and feed, rather than flutter while feeding. We ended up getting the hanging feeders that have multiple holes in the cover on the bowl with a ring around the bowl for the little ones to perch on while feeding. The bowl holds about 1 cup of nectar, but we fill it to about half full so that the nectar doesn’t mold on warmer days, or draw small flies. Interestingly, these also have an ‘ant well’ that prevents uninvited crawlers with a sweet tooth to dine.
We have a few species in the Pacific Northwest, but the most common are Anna’s and Rufous. The Rufous species typically migrates during the winter but Anna’s will stay if they’ve been fed all along. The nectar is stronger in the winter than in the summer (recipes below). The plain water is boiled for 3 minutes and then the granulated sugar is added and stirred until completely dissolved. The nectar must cool to room temperature before offering it to the hummingbirds, because they are usually waiting for the new nectar, especially in the winter months. The experts recommend that NO food color is added; the feeders usually have brightly colored covers that attract the birds. 

The first winter of feeding was mild so it was ‘business as usual’ except for strengthening the mix by adding more sugar. During the second winter, 2006/07, we learned a costly lesson. 

Our temps plummeted and the nectar froze solid. When we noticed, I brought the feeders in and allowed them to come to room temperature. When I returned to hang the feeders, the little ones fluttered around my hands and fed on the way to the hanger! 

It became our practice to hang a construction lamp with a 40 watt bulb over the feeder. We also keep it covered with a plastic dome so that the snow can’t fill the holes in the feeder. It is pleasant to watch our Anna’s come and bask under the lamp for a few minutes after feeding on the cold winter days here in the Northwest. If you are going to feed the hummingbirds, I encourage you to commit to year round feeding, or stop before the birds would naturally migrate.

  • Warmer months: 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. (1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup water)
  • Colder months: 1 part sugar to 3 parts water. (1/3 cup sugar to 1 cup water)
  • Boil plain cold tap water for 3 minutes and immediately stir in the granulated sugar; stir well to dissolve the sugar and let set until the nectar is at room temperature.


Project Updates

Sarah Soper
This winter has been long and very wet. Construction has been delayed but Spring is just around the corner. We are hoping to make good progress very soon!
The construction contractor has completed the Woodshire Entrance concrete sidewalks and rock retaining wall. The Westside trail has been surveyed, staked, excavated and rock layers have been added to prepare for the new asphalt. A new concrete pad area for a picnic table has been prepped for concrete. A temporary entrance has been opened to allow visitors at the Woodshire Entrance to visit the park from Woodshire Lane.

The nature playground logs have been delivered to the milling company and we await their return.

In February, we had a site visit from Metro to see all the progress we are making on the park.

Checks made payable to: Tualatin River Watershed Council
   Check Memo line: Friends of Bull Mountain Park Project or FBMP Project
   Send to:
                April Olbrich
                Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) Projects
                Tualatin River Watershed Council (TRWC)
                PO Box 338
                Hillsboro OR 97123-0338
For more details about the FBMP’s projects and BMP concept plan refer to the following documents.

FBMP Contacts
    Chairperson : Toraj Khavari
    Newsletter Editor: Sarah Soper
    Tigard Park and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) Liaison: Tim Pepper
    Trail Masters: Tim Pepper and Jenn Eaton
    Volunteer and Event Coordinator: Linda Shaw
    Eagle Scout Advising and Web Administration: Bruce Harbison

FBMP Meetings
Please mark your calendars and join us.
Time and Dates: 7 PM to 8:30 PM
April 27, 2017
Where: *** >>> Station 33 - 15440 SW Oregon St, Sherwood, OR 97140

Bull Mountain Park
The BMP soft trails start at multiple (6) entrances: SW Greenfield Drive, SW Benchview Place, SW Woodshire, SW Alpine Crest Way, SW Fernridge Terrace, and SW Ridgefield Ln.
Come and enjoy the park, be active, be healthy, and be green. Bull Mountain Park area photo and trail maps:

Connect with the FRIENDS of BMP at the following sites:
Yahoo® User Group - 
Facebook® -
Park Security - 

Park Address - 13950 SW Alpine Crest Way, Tigard, Oregon 97223

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