Saturday, June 11, 2016

Chairman’s Column

Yesterday, a few Phantom Orchards welcomed me as I stepped into our beautiful Bull Mountain neighborhood park.At the end of most work days, after I park the car in the garage, I grab a snack or
drink. Hands full of goodies, I walk to the Bull Mountain Park and bring the work day to a wonderful close. Lately, I am greeted by white flowered Phantom Orchards. The meadow is full of vegetation and at times, I surprise deer, birds, and often multiple species of squirrels who live there. I have met a lot of great people in the Bull Mountain Park celebrating the natural setting connecting multiple  neighborhoods with six entrances. It is always a pleasure, visiting with friends and neighbors there.

The Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) have planned multiple events during summer 2016; picnics in the park, music, activities, and a Golden Shovel ceremony. Yes … Golden Shovel ceremony as a symbol of breaking ground for the park projects. Read more about the events in the following pages, and on-line.The anticipation of summer events in Bull Mountain Park, park projects’ construction, warmer and dryer weather, and seeing some of our vision for the park becoming a reality are just delightful.

The FBMP new projects for 2016 are focused around families with young children (playground), families (picnic shelter), ADA drop friendly and trails (handicap access), and walkability (Gaarde
connection soft trail).

Frequently, I encourage you to use the trails, to view flora and fauna, take pictures, come to the park events, and be part of this beautiful neighborhood. I invite all neighborhood families with young children, and neighbors who enjoy outdoor activities to get involved, come to the events, and enjoy the park.

Be active, get involved, leave a legacy, and join in building a healthy community.
See you in the Park.

Upcoming Events

June 23rd - Picnic in the Park, 6pm
June 24th - Golden Shovel Event, 4pm
June 30th - Picnic in the Park, 6pm
July 14th - Picnic in the Park, 6pm
July 28th - icnic in the Park and FBMP Quarterly Mee:ng at Park
August 11th - Picnic in the Park, 6pm
August 25th - Picnic in the Park, 6pm

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Picnic in the Park
Irene Khavari

Events Planner and FBMP Board Member, Linda Shaw, has planned an exciting summer for Park Picnics. Music will be provided by local bands at each event. We are fortunate to have some repeat musicians from last year. New to our events this year are bands whose members are primarily from Tigard High School.

We will host a table of gifts for purchase ranging in price from $20 - $40. These include jewelry items: earrings, pendants, large and small pins, each priced at $20. A portion of each purchase will be donated to Bull Mountain Park Development Funds. Selling at $40 is a picnic blanket; nylon outer shell and fleece inner shell with the Bull Mountain Park logo imprinted in the fleece. It is a beautiful and lovely way to demonstrate your support of the Park, and the good news is that you will receive a
tax donation card, should you want to take the donor amount on your tax report for 2016.
We still need YOUR help! We sent out a Spring mailer with 
donation envelopes. We are getting closer to our 
$45,000 cash goal, but we still have a long way to go!

Many generous donors have provided gifts to be raffled at each event. They include gift cards from local restaurants and theaters and professional services. At least three items will be raffled at each event. We will also feature a half and half drawing at some of the picnics in the park, so plan to join us for all of them. As is true for any raffle – you can’t win unless you buy a ticket. All proceeds from these raffles will go to fund the development of the park.

Mark your calendars. Participate in a lot of fun, entertainment, and hope to win a great prize.

It is up to you and your donations!

Volunteer Projects
Teagan Langseth-­‐DePaolis

For the project I spearheaded for National Honor Society, I took a group of Tigard High School student from a variety of clubs and organizations at school into Bull Mountain park to remove an invasive species (holly). The reason we were removing this from the park was because Holly has a very vigorous growth rate that causes it to overwhelm the area that it is present and destroy/overpower the plants around it. For this removal, my volunteers and I took shovels and plant clippers to cut down and dig up the overgrown holly to protect the rest of the preferred plants in the park. It was a great time, and although it was rainy and we got quite dirty, it was a very successful project and allowed us to clean up and preserve a park in our very own city of Tigard!


Evelyn Lopez

Hi, my name is Evelyn Lopez and I am a senior at Tigard High School. Most people assume senior year is the easiest year in high school- but it is not. Applying for scholarships and colleges and just making sure you meet all the requirements in order to graduate was beyond stressful. Add extra curricular actives to that list and you have a teenager wanting to rip their hair out and do nothing but sleep or eat the feelings out. As a member of National Honors Society (NHS), you are required to volunteer for various events, all adding up to 55 hours, and coordinate a project. I had 49.5 hours
done but I still needed to do my project if I wanted my hours to count towards the cord. Luckily, I happened to be at the right place at the right time. I received all thedetails for a project from Linda Shaw and notified all NHS members about my project via the NHS Facebook page. Then I waited for people to sign up. No one did so I posted it again. No volunteers yet... Announced it at the meeting and finally got one volunteer! But with two days left and only one volunteer, I began to worry.
The day before the project I messaged my friends and asked if they could help me with my NHS project. Fortunately, most of them said yes. On the day of my project, all my friends arrived ready to dig up blackberries with me. We pulled, dug, broke, carried, got cuts on our arms and our hair tangled in the branches. In the end, the three hours of hard work payed off. I honestly am forever grateful to have the friends I have. If it were not for them, my project could not have happened and I would have been a stressed out mess. To me, the project ended up being a fun experience with my friends instead of a requirement. I would like to thank Caleb Johnson, Claire Atwood, Clarissa Au, Isobel Bailey, Kendal Jess, and Tabor Holly for helping me with my project.

John Barkhurst

Another completed Eagle project at Bull Mountain Park. 

Following up on past Eagle projects, John Barkhurst has built a wheelchair-accessible picnic table and placed it on a circular concrete pad. The pad was built by a previous Eagle Scout with the American with Disability Act in mind and this picnic table was a further extension of this concept. The picnic table is 6-sided with 2 of the sides accessible by those in a wheelchair. The table top and seats are made out of Trex composite materials which is mostly recycled plastic and reclaimed wood that would otherwise end up in the landfill. In addition, Trex has an expected life span of 50 or more years. John loves to build things. When it came to his attention that the park was in need of an ADA accessible picnic table, he quickly volunteered and made this his Eagle project. The Friends of Bull Mountain Park requested that the table be more circular instead of the traditional rectangular
shape. John was unable to find any building plans for a circular ADA picnic table so he modified plans from a non-ADA table. This put his Geometry, Algebra and Physics knowledge to the test.
John had to modify the height and angles so that it would be accessible by all standard wheelchairs. John would like to take credit for the building of the table but realizes that none of this would have been possible without the generous donations and support of his friends and family. To all of those who visit the park, please take a moment to sit at this picnic bench and look around at the beauty and accessibility that Bull Mountain Park has to offer. 

YIS: John Barkhurst (Yours In Scouting)



Park Project Update 
Sarah Soper

We have so much happening with the park right now!
  • We are waiting on the decision for the Nike grant. If you are a Nike employee, please drop us a note. We would like Nike to know you would benefit from the park.
  • We are waiting on the decision for the Oregon Community Fund Grant. Formal site visit took place in early March.
  • We presented at the City of Tigard April Budget Meeting • We are working with Lango Hansen Landscape Architects and the City of Tigard to finalize the Nature Play, Construction Drawings and Budget for the park project.
  • Signed an agreement with the City of Tigard to move forward with our Nature In Neighborhood (NIN) grant.
  • Presented at the Tigard PRAB meeting in March.
  • Measured the Log Inventory for Lango Hansen LA.
  • 2 Invasive Species Removal Days
  • Boy Scout Projects
Golden Shovel Ceremony and Celebration
Toraj Khavari

Date and Time: Friday June 24, 2016 at 4 PM
Location: 13950 SW Alpine Crest Way, Tigard, Oregon 97223
Parking: Neighboring Streets and walk to the park


It is my pleasure to invite you to join Metro Councilor Craig Dirksen, City of Tigard Council President Jason Snider, Friends of Bull Mountain Park Board of Directors, and major Donors to the future Bull Mountain Park project construction initiation.

On June 24th 2016, we will break ground for the Bull Mountain Park projects’ construction’s Nature Play, Picnic Shelter, ADA drop friendly, and ADA trail. Ours is the first Nature Play in the City of Tigard. The Picnic Shelter is made of hard wood, overlooking the nature play, meadow, and circular drive. The circular ADA asphalt surface connects the Alpine Crest Way ADA drop friendly to Woodshire Lane. Local Oregon and Northwest plants will be featured in the landscape.

The Lango Hansen Landscape Architects Company has developed the concept plan, construction
drawings, and design documents. FBMP, City of Tigard and Metro are assembling a group of experts
to oversee the construction. The team continues the commitment to
  • Leave a Legacy – Park features that we all can take pride in
  • Motif – Pleasant to eye
  • Maintenance – Safe and easy to maintain
The FBMP’s projects ground breaking are made possible by I) Metro Nature In Neighborhood (NIN) Grant, II) City of Tigard Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), and III) generous donors to the FBMP.

FBMP fundraising will be continued. While the fundraising on the above projects started late 2014, funds are still needed. Your continued generosity is most genuinely appreciated.

Congratulations. A beautiful nature play, picnic shelter, and ADA trail will be added to the Bull Mountain Park over the next few years. This project is made possible by the continued support of the
neighborhood, volunteers, local businesses, City of Tigard Park and Recreation Board (PRAB), and FBMP’s Board of Directors. We are hopeful for a 2017 completion date.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Golden Shovel Ceremony. We have a lot to celebrate.

Major Underwriter and Grants
  • Metro Nature in Neighborhood
  • City of Tigard Capital Improvement Plan
Donors and Sponsors
  • Tigard Noon Rotary
  • Anonymous (One family, Visionary Donor)
  • Austin Industries, Scott and Loni Parrish (Visionary Donor)
  • Bonnie G. Conger (VisionaryDonor) 
  • Mr Tree (Visionary Donor)
  • Ken and Joan Austin (Patron Donor)
  • Mike and Cheryl Druding (Patron Donor)
  • Jake Egger (Patron Donor)
  • Greatbatch Inc. (Patron Donor)
  • Paul and Sarah Messenger (Patron Donor)
  • James & Lorraine Clauss(Patron Donor)
  • Robert & Sarah Soper(Patron Donor)
Corporate Donors

• Dan Muro of RE/MAX                                     • JAE Oregon, Inc.
• John and Steve Barker/Barker Construction     • M. Crew - Enrique Marguez
• Parr Lumber                                                  • Pacific West Roofing,Stan Robinson
• Right Angle Digital Print & Supply Inc.          • The CarMax Foundation
• Tigard Burgerville                                          • Tigard Sherwin-Williams, Nate McNeely
• UBS                                                              • Northwest Playground Eq. Inc. James Wellington
• Washington Square Dental, Dr. Rashidi           • Broadway Rose, Sharon and Dan Maroney
• Right Angle Digital Print & Supply Inc.           • Cruise In Country Dinner, Terry & Nancy Humme


• Bradley Anderson                                            • David and Debbie Mauk
• Jim & Marie Banks                                          • Karussos Family
• Lee & Michaela Cannard                                 • Mark Hackner
• Shirley J. Jones                                                • Supports and In-kind
• Beaverton CarMax                                           • Brian and Carmen Borlet
• Elaine Gillaspie                                                • Judy Hensey
• Richard and Francie Smith                               • Curt and Carol Loop
• Bob and Fran Germany-Griggs                        • Stephanie Bunner
• Jennifer Bosze                                                  • Chris & Susan Wright
• Tayo Omotoyinbo                                             • Roger & Sherri Bates
• Gautam and Ashley Dhar                                 • Lynn & John Baratta
• Skalsky Family                                                 • Boy Scouts of America (Professional
• Services, Labor, and Materials)                        • City of Tigard - Professional Services,
• Permits, Labor, Utilities, and a lot more             • Friends of Bull Mountain Park
• Highwater Johnny                                             • John and Steven Barker Construction -
• Professional Services and Labor                       • Khavari Foundation
• Lango Hansen                                                    • Learning Landscape Design -
• Professional Services and Labor                        • Two Minds
• Local community                                               • Oregon State University, Forestry, Flora &Fauna
• Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc. – Labor                    • Park’s Neighbors
• Pearl Paulson – Education                                 • Tigard Citizens and Neighbors
• THS Key Club                                                    • THS National Honor Society
• Tualatin River Watershed Council (Fiscal Sponsor)
• Kimberly Matsler                                               • Bob & Joyce Whipps
• Cambia Health Foundation                                • Donna DeLuca
• Gail Doyle                                                          • Ingrid Laskey
• Janell and David Alexander                               • Jennifer Bachman
• Kelly Lancaster                                                 • Leyenda Lloyd 
• Mark Schaures                                                 • Sergei Kravchenko
• Synopsis                                                          • Kristin Young

Checks made payable to: Tualatin River Watershed Council
Check Memo line: Friends of Bull Mountain Park Project or FBMP Project

Send to:
April Olbrich
Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) Projects
Tualatin River Watershed Council (TRWC)
PO Box 338
Hillsboro OR 97123-0338

For more details about the FBMP’s projects and BMP concept plan refer to the following documents.
Board Members and Contact Information:
Chairman and President - Toraj Khavari -
Secretary, Trails Master, and Tigard Park and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) Liaison – Tim Pepper -
Treasurer, and Volunteers and Events Coordinator - Linda Shaw -

Boy and Girl Scouts of the America Advisor and Liaison - Bruce Harbison
Project Manager and Marketing - Sarah Soper
Special Needs Advocate and Public Relations - Virginia Hall
Trails Master - Jenn Eaton -

Bull Mountain Park
The BMP soft trails start at multiple (6) entrances: SW Greenfield Drive, SW Benchview Place, SW
Woodshire, SW Alpine Crest Way, SW Fernridge Terrace, and SW Ridgefield Ln. 

Park Address - 13950 SW Alpine Crest Way, Tigard, Oregon 97223

Come and enjoy the park, be active, be healthy, and be green. Bull Mountain Park area photo and trail maps:

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