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Newsletter of the Friends of Bull Mountain Park

Chairman’s Column
Toraj Khavari
Welcome to the Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) 4th Anniversary year!
When we first started this group, the FBMP meetings were held mostly at our house and the park only had a limited number of entrances.
Reflecting on how much we have grown as a group, the FBMP is in a much better position now to recognize the cash donors, volunteers, local businesses, and volunteers’ dedication.

-       Bull Mountain Neighborhood Park was dedicated June 21, 2012.
-       The Park’s overall concept plan was completed and accepted during the summer of 2013.
-       In 2014, we brought the park’s overall concept plan closer to reality by starting the application process for our 1st large scale grant application, Metro’s Nature in Neighborhood program.
-       The 2015 Accomplishments are as follows.
·         The Park’s vacant house was removed and recycled.
·         Metro NIN grant application was approved.
·         Met our 1st year capital cash fund raising goal for the year.
·         Designed and constructed toolshed and ADA outdoor toilet, shelter, and many other projects.
·         Started the design concept phase with Lango Hanson Landscape Architects for the Bull Mountain Park Nature Play, Picnic Shelter, and Accessible Trails Phase I
·       FBMP became a registered Oregon non-project Company, Dec. 2015. The FBMP’s fiscal sponsor continues to be Tualatin River Watershed Council (TRWC), a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. 

Listing all projects completed are just amazing. Since 2012, 54 projects were completed in Bull Mountain Park, to-date.

-       Start construction on the Bull Mountain Park Nature Play, Picnic Shelter, and Accessible Trails Phase I as designed by Lango Hanson.
-       Continue working with grants and foundations applications. Nike, Oregon Community Foundation, City of Tigard Capital Improvement Plan, City of Tigard Community Events Funding, Metro NIN, etc.
-       Continue capital cash fund raising to meet the year goal.
-       Organize and implement volunteers’ events.
-       Plan summer Picnic In The Park events.

As you enjoy the beautiful Bull Mountain Park trails, nature, and amenities please consider the following.
-       Cash donations
-       Donation of construction materials
-       Construction volunteerism
-       Participate in the Picnic In the Park events auction and items for raffle tickets

2016 is the construction year in Bull Mountain Park. If you have been involved, please continue. If you have been waiting for the right time to get involved, it is now. Leave a legacy, and build a healthy community.
See you in the Park.

Planting Native Species
Lauran Doan

For my National Honor Society project I organized the planting of 500 native species trees and shrubs at the Bull Mountain Park on February 6th. I partnered with Greg Stout, the Grounds and Open Space Coordinator and Linda Shaw with the Friends of Bull Mountain Park, in an effort to help prevent erosion, secure land, and as well helping define the walking paths through the park. 

The planting moved smoothly with the help of a dozen National Honor Society students from Tigard High and the partnership of another THS club, CE2. Some of the shrubs we planted were Red Dogwood which will bring a splash of color to the seasons and reddish purple leaves. Another type we planted was Elderberry which is known to boost the immune system and help prevent coughs, colds, and flus. I'm excited to come back and see all of our plants in bloom!

Tree in the park
Irene Khavari
Most of us know or have heard the following stanzas of Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees”

And so, the recent demise of so many lovely 80 – 100 year old Douglas Firs along Walnut Street has been the cause of anger for some and sadness for others. While the street DOES need to be widened and straightened, it seems tragic that it should be at the cost of such beauties whose sudden absence makes the road look war torn and ragged. To the best of our knowledge, most trees will become fire wood or chipped and made into particle board. This is a rather humble end to the grandeur and stature that was theirs just a week ago.
But there is one tree, our tree, that will be given the dignity of becoming the central attraction at our nature play area in Bull Mountain Park. Most of one tree, three 25 foot limbed lengths, was ‘delivered’ by Mr. Tree on Friday, February 12. One log will be cut to meet the proposed design to become a ‘climbing’ tree, outfitted with handles and knobs for the beginner and expert alike. Another length is destined to become “all age” friendly stepping logs, while the third length may have the pleasure of being, well, just a log. With a circumference of almost 16 feet at its base, this tree is to become the foundation of many pleasurable hours of play and exercise in the nature park. We anticipate joy and adventure as we place the newest acquisition at the future site of the Bull Mountain Park Nature Play Area, hopefully in the fall.
True to our commitment with the Metro, City of Tigard and volunteers and neighbors, Friends of Bull Mountain Park are working to make this play area Green, Sustainable and Environmentally Responsible by recycling this amazing natural asset. Take a walk to the park; visit the site and stand in awe at the gift of nature that will have its place of honor so well deserved.

Fundraising Campaign
Sarah Soper
FMBP is still needs your help to raise money for the park development. We sent out a November mailer with donation envelopes and we were encouraged to receive more donations back with our second mailer. We are getting closer to our $45,000 cash goal to meet our Metro Grant match, but we still have $38,OO0 to go. All donations are tax deductible and much appreciated;

Come Grow With Us …………….Naturally
Sarah Soper
-       Reapplied for the Nike grant. If you are a Nike employee, please drop us a note. We would like Nike to know you would benefit from the park.
-       Became a Public Benefit Non-Profit
-       Obtained Insurance
-       Accepted the design concept plan phase 1 for the park including the Nature Play, Picnic Shelter, presented by the Lango Hansen Landscape Architects at the Jan 28th Public Meeting

-       Signed an agreement with Metro to move forward with our Nature In Neighborhood (NIN) grant
-       Met with the City of Tigard to reach terms for an agreement to move forward.
-       Collaborated with Metro’s Naturalist to better protect the Phantom Orchid
-       Virginia Hall worked to secure the big tree from Walnut St. and other logs for the Nature Play area. A big thank you to both Wilbur from Mr. Tree and to Virginia for making it all happen.

·         Donors and Sponsors
-       Anonymous (One family, Visionary Donor)       
-       Austin Industries (Visionary Donor)
-       Greatbatch Inc. (Patron Donor)
-       Jake Egger (Patron Donor)
-       Ken and Joan Austin (Patron Donor)
-       Mike and Cheryl Druding (Patron Donor)
-       Mr. Tree (Visionary Donor)
-       Paul and Sarah Messenger (Patron Donor)
-       Pearson Financial Group (Legacy Donor)
-       Bonnie Conger
-       Conrad Pearson
·         Corporate Donor
-       Dan Muro of RE/MAX                  -  JAE Oregon, Inc.
-       John and Steve Barker
·         Construction
-       M. Crew - Enrique Marguez         - Parr Lumber
-       Pacific West Roofing                    - Right Angle Digital Print & Supply Inc.
-       The CarMax Foundation               - Tigard Burgerville
-       Tigard Rotary                               - Tigard Sherwin-Williams
-       UBS
·         Friends
-       Bradley Anderson                           - David and Debbie Mauk
-       Jim & Marie Banks                         - Karussos Family
-       Lee & Michaela Cannard                - Mark Hackner
-       Shirley J. Jones                               - Supports and In-kind
-       Beaverton CarMax                         - Carmen Borlet
-       Elaine Gillaspie                              - Judy Hensey
-       Richard and Francie Smith            - Curt and Carol Loop
-       Bob and Fran Germany-Griggs     - Stephanie Bunner
-       Jennifer Bosze                               - Chris & Susan Wright
-       Tayo Omotoyinbo                         - Roger & Sherri Bates
-       Gautam and Ashley Dhar              - Lynn & John Baratta
-       Skalsky Family                             - Boy Scouts of America (Professional
-       Services, Labor, and Materials)     - City of Tigard
-       Friends of Bull Mountain Park      - Highwater Johnny
-       Khavari Foundation                       - Local community
-       Oregon State University Forestry, Flora and Fauna
-       Oregon Tradeswomen, Inc.            - Park’s Neighbors
-       Pearl Paulson, PhD – Education    - Tigard Citizens and Neighbors
-       THS Key Club                               -  THS National Honor Society
-       Tualatin River Watershed Council (Fiscal Sponsor)
-       Two Minds                                    -  Robert and Sarah Soper (Fundraising)

Thank you and remember we are actively requesting your tax deductible contribution.
Checks made payable to: Tualatin River Watershed Council
Check Memo line: Friends of Bull Mountain Park Project or FBMP Project
Send to:
April Olbrich
Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) Projects
Tualatin River Watershed Council (TRWC)
PO Box 338
Hillsboro OR 97123-0338

For more details about the FBMP’s projects and BMP concept plan refer to the following documents.

FBMP Board Members and Contact Information:
Ø  Chairman and President - Toraj Khavari -
Ø  Secretary, Trails Master, and Tigard Park and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) Liaison – Tim Pepper -
Ø  Treasurer, and Volunteers and Events Coordinator - Linda Shaw -
Ø  Boy and Girl Scouts of the America Advisor and Liaison - Bruce Harbison
Ø  Project Manager and Marketing - Sarah Soper
Ø  Special Needs Advocate and Public Relations - Virginia Hall
Ø  Trails Master - Jenn Eaton -

FBMP Meetings
Please mark your calendars and join us. Time and Dates: 7 PM to 8:30 PM
Where: Fire Station #50, located at 12617 SW Walnut St. Tigard OR, 97223

Bull Mountain Park
The BMP soft trails start at multiple (6) entrances: SW Greenfield Drive, SW Benchview Place, SW Woodshire, SW Alpine Crest Way, SW Fernridge Terrace, and SW Ridgefield Ln. Come and enjoy the park, be active, be healthy, and be green. Bull Mountain Park area photo and trail maps:

Feel free to learn more about the Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) at the following sites.
o    Blogger® - - No login required
o    Face book® - - No login required
o    Park Security  -

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