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August 2017 Newsletter:
Chairman’s Column
Toraj Khavari
I am delighted to see all the construction untidiness and activities in Bull Mountain Park. When I go on site, I welcome the extra dust on my shoes, clothes, and having to be an acrobat to get to construction zone. I celebrated the accomplishments when the West Side Trail base was excavated, picnic shelter concrete pad was poured, basalt rocks were delivered,  and truck after truck full of dirt were delivered for the East Side Trail.
The construction is demanding on one hand, and on another, it is great progress. The Bull Mountain Park development vision is coming to reality with every step. The due diligence, planning, project coordination, and environment sensitivity are paying off. Even the local deer embrace the construction area and comfortably accept the new arrangement.
Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) has an awesome and outstanding Project Coordinator (PC). She has been with us for more than 4 years. FBMP PC, City of Tigard Engineers, Inspectors, Park Department members and contractors are working together. They are taking every challenge as an opportunity to work closely, resolve, implement, make progress, be safe, and meet the project requirements.
I sincerely hope are you are as excited as I am, to see our beautiful park taking form. All the volunteerism, fundraising activities, grant writing, contract negotiations, and involvements are fruitful. Soon, Bull Mountain Park, will have Tigard’s first nature playground. Wow!
I leave you with a call to action.
·         Find your passion.
·         Align your efforts with your passion.
·         Live a purposeful and meaningful life.
·         Do your part to build community.
I encourage you help make Bull Mountain Park development a reality.  Financial and volunteer commitments are what will ensure our FINISHING WELL!!
See you in the park.
First Eat lots of Mexican Food and THEN go clothes shopping!!!!
Irene Khavari
The Friends of Bull Mountain Park held many events since our last printing.  The objectives were to bring community together, to champion the completion of Bull Mountain Park in September and to raise funds necessary to do so.  Many of the FBMP volunteers led and participated in fundraiser events.  Our first major fundraiser was held at Casa Lola Restaurant in Beaverton from May 8-11.  We would like to thank them for their generosity and encourage you to support their restaurant, particularly if you like authentic Mexican Cuisine.  Then, on to Talbots in Bridgeport Village on June 1; again, thank you participants for shopping and thank you Talbots for the generous donation to the Friends of Bull Mountain Park.  On June 16th, The Party for the Park was held at Blakeslee’s Vineyard Estate.  FBMP launched the ROCKstar Campaign for engraving the basalt rocks in the Bull Mountain Park Rock Garden; there are only a few rocks left and information can be found on a subsequent page as to how you can become a ROCKstar.  We thank Sheila and Bill Blakeslee, Trees Restaurant, Newberg Ford and for their music, Highwater Johnny.  Through ticket sales, a silent auction hosted by The Kelly Group Real Estate, and engraving donations, we raised the funds needed for this construction phase. 
While funding is still needed for finishing touches, the fundraiser events were very successful and we thank one and all that participated.  There are more events planned with Picnics in the Park in August and September, Tigard Farmer’s Market, and others to be announced.  FBMP is selling souvenir wine glasses at the picnics and the Farmer’s Market.  There are always donation envelopes available at these events, and all donations are tax deductible.  All proceeds go to the park development. 
A word about the ROCKstar basalt rock engraving; for a $500 tax-deductible donation, you have the opportunity to leave a legacy in YOUR Park.  You have up to 20 spaces for engraving to demonstrate your interest and participation that will last through generations to come.  Please see the following form and submit it, with your payment, to April Olbrich, Tualatin River Watershed Council (TRWC) P.O. Box 338, Hillsboro, OR  97123-0338. Email:

Irene Khavari
The Friends of Bull Mountain Park requests a ROCKstar Donor get in touch with FBMP or TRWC by either requesting or submitting the ROCKstar form.  On June 16th, several engravings on basalt rocks in the Bull Mountain Park rock garden were purchased.  We have one guest who made the contribution but has not as yet sent the ROCKstar form.  Our registered guests can be identified, but some of their guests cannot.  By way of identification, we have the last 4 digits of the credit card in our swipe transactional records which will be confirmed by the donor.  Please, so that you can get the tax deduction for your donation and have the engraving sentiment you desire on the rock, be in touch.  Thank you.

Raising Funds and Having 

Construction Progress
By Sarah Soper 
The contractor has made great strides this summer, now that the weather has been clear! The park is finally taking shape! The basalt columns are set and the concrete has been poured. It will not be long before we finish this phase of the project!  Please obey all construction signs and stay safe out there!

The next phase will be the FBMP building the picnic shelter and installing the landscaping. We are always in need of volunteers and donations! As a community, we are building this park!

Eagle Project
By Ryan Barlow 
I am working on obtaining my Eagle Scout rank and needed to identify an eagle project to perform. My assistant scout master suggested that I contact Toraj at Friends of Bull Mountain Park to see if he had any projects. I also contacted a couple of other organizations, but after talking to Toraj decided that building octagon picnic tables for the Bull Mountain Park was the best option for me. Toraj provided a picture from a magazine of the type of tables he wanted. I researched the internet for octagon table designs similar to the picture Toraj provided. Fortunately, I was able to find a design that both Toraj and I liked.
 After printing the designs, I drafted a list of items that I would need to buy to complete the tables. I also arranged for a fund raiser at Burgerville and raised about half of the dollars needed for the project. Over the following weeks my dad and I pre-cut all of the wood and partially assembled the tables. Next, I scheduled a project completion at the park where about ten of my fellow scouts helped me assemble and stain the tables.
Below are a few pictures of the project and completed tables. I hope you enjoy the tables.

Ryan Barlow
Eagle Scout candidate

You are Invited!

Thank you very much
Major Underwriter and Grants
       Metro Nature in Neighborhood
       City of Tigard Capital Improvement Plan
       Juan Young Trust
       Oregon Community Foundation

Donors and Sponsors
       Tigard Noon Rotary (Legacy Donor)
       Bonnie G. Conger (Legacy Donor)
       Scott & Loni Parrish – A-dec (Legacy Donor)
       Toraj & Irene Khavari (Legacy Donor)
       Anonymous (One family, Visionary Donor)
       Pearson Financial Group, Conrad Pearson  (Legacy Donor)
       Ken & Joan Austin (Patron Donor)
       Mike & Cheryl Druding (Patron Donor)
       Jake Egger (Patron Donor)
       Paul & Sarah Messenger (Patron Donor)
       James & Lorraine Clauss (Patron Donor)
       Robert & Sarah Soper (Patron Donor) Synopsys (Patron Donor) employer match
       Irene M. Khavari, Sunstone Distributors (Patron Donor)
       Renee M. Johnson (Patron Donor)
       Tim Pepper (Patron Donor) Intel (Patron Donor) employer match
       Memory of Carroll  E. Smith by Marianne C. Poole (Patron Donor)
       Mike & Claudia Grover (Patron Donor) Shell Oil (Patron Donor) employer match
       Linda & Steve Shaw (Patron Donor)
       Ronald & Ruth Hartford (Patron Donor)
       Kathleen Egger Sherwood (Patron Donor)
          Please support our generous Corporate Donors and Sponsors
       Mr. Tree (Visionary Donor)
       Trees Restaurant, Sherwood, Shannon Johnson (Patron Donor)
       The Kelly Group Real Estate (Patron Donor)
       Blakeslee Vineyard Estate, Sherwood (Patron Donor)
       Casa Lola Kitchen de Mexico, Beaverton  (Patron Donor)
       State Farm Insurance – Gus Nadelhoffer, Tigard  (Patron Donor)
       Prudential Financial Services, Inc. Randall Barkhurst, Tigard (Patron Donor)
       Talbots Bridgeport (Patron Donor)
       Greatbatch Inc. (Patron Donor)
       Fulcrum Logo - Brian & Lorraine Otis (Patron Donor)
       John and Steve Barker/Barker Construction (Patron Donor)
       Parr Lumber (Patron Donor)
       Pacific West Roofing, Stan Robinson (Patron Donor)
       The CarMax Foundation (Patron Donor)
       Tigard Burgerville (Patron Donor)
       Tigard Sherwin-Williams, Nate McNeely (Patron Donor)
       Washington Square Dental, Dr. Rashidi (Patron Donor)
       Broadway Rose Theatre Company, Dan Murphy and Sharon Maroney (Patron Donor)
       Dr. Timothy Hubbard D.C., Sherwood Chiropractic (Patron Donor)
With great appreciation for all participating Friends of Bull Mountain Park
Make Your Donations
Check Memo line:  Friends of Bull Mountain Park Project or FBMP Project
Send to:     

April Olbrich
Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) Projects
Tualatin River Watershed Council (TRWC)
PO Box 338
Hillsboro OR 97123-0338

For more details about the FBMP’s projects and BMP concept plan refer to the following documents.
                             City Of Tigard -
                                    FBMP Nature Play Projects Information -

FBMP Contacts
    Chairperson : Toraj Khavari
    Newsletter Editor: Sarah Soper
    Tigard Park and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) Liaison: Tim Pepper
    Trail Masters: Tim Pepper and Jenn Eaton
    Volunteer and Event Coordinator: Linda Shaw
FBMP Meetings

Please mark your calendars and join us.

Time and Dates: 7 PM to 8:30 PM
October 26, 2017
Where: Fire Station #50, located at 12617 SW Walnut St. Tigard OR, 97223

The BMP soft trails start at multiple (6) entrances: SW Greenfield Drive, SW Benchview Place, SW Woodshire, SW Alpine Crest Way, SW Fernridge Terrace, and SW Ridgefield Ln.
Come and enjoy the park, be active, be healthy, and be green. Bull Mountain Park area photo and trail maps: 
Connect with the FRIENDS of BMP at the following sites:
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