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Octoiber 2016
Chairman’s Column

 Toraj Khavari

We achieved a major Milestone. Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) signed a contract with GSE Inc. (Greg Schroeder Enterprise) on Sept. 14, 2016. 

We have enough funds to start but NOT enough to finishThe FBMP and GSE Inc. entered into a contract that guarantees the amount for the total project, if we can complete it by Sept. 30 2017. But if we extend the project past Sept 2017, the cost will go up and we lose the favorable pricing for a complete project. 

Thanks to “YOU”, Metro, City Of Tigard, other donors, and volunteers, the Bull Mountain Park has gotten this far but we will continue its development as far as the money takes us! 

Persistence and the continuous focus on our goals is the key to the Bull Mountain Park development. Keep your eyes on the vision and goal. Og Mandino summarized it by writing “I will persist until I succeed. Always will I take another step. If that is of no avail I will take another, and yet another. In truth, one step at a time is not too difficult. I know that small attempts, repeated, will complete any undertaking.” On behalf of Friends of Bull Mountain Park, I commit us to continued perseverance. We will continue doing our best with the funds available, working toward raising donations for the Bull Mountain Park development. 

The Friends of Bull Mountain Park is doing its part, so we ask you to do your part. Please donate to the cause! Get involved and help us to raise additional funds so that we can celebrate the successful completion of the park.

See you in the park outside the construction area,

 Interview with Jason Snider, Council President, City of Tigard

By Sarah Soper

Since its beginning in 2012, Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) has had the opportunity and privilege to interview those individuals whose interest and support have had the most impact on Bull Mountain Park and its  development. On August 23, the tradition continued when FBMP Board Members interviewed Council President, Jason Snider. Council President Snider has lived in Tigard since 1999, and is currently the administrator of the Regional Gastroenterology Department at Kaiser Permanente Northwest.  As Council President, a peer Councilors appointment, Snider has the added responsibilities of presenting complex issues to Mayor Cook or on behalf of Mayor Cook, gathering information in order to expedite decisions on behalf of Tigard citizens and serving as a liaison between City of Tigard and commercial providers/vendors.   Following are comments and insights resulting from that interview.
Sarah Soper, Tigard City Council President Jason Snider and Toraj Khavari

For questions relating to Council President Snider’s vision for City of Tigard and in particular, Bull Mountain Park, he responded that a priority is the safety of park visitors and citizens.  Snider knows that the City is safe, but more important to him is that people ‘feel’ safe and have confidence that they are safe, whether in the parks, on the trails or in their homes.  Having volunteered as a Tigard Reserve Police Officer from 2001 – 2004, his perspectives as well as his proposals pertaining to police and safety, are based on hands on experience.Snider shares a major goal/objective with many City Officials and citizens; that City of Tigard becomes known for its walkability.  As citizens, we spoke of such an opportunity to become a hub,central to surrounding neighbors – Lake Oswego, Tualatin, Beaverton, Sherwood… - enabled by connecting trails and public transportation.

In that spirit, City of Tigard recently proposed and passed funding for Bull Mountain Park to establish ADA friendly access with an ADA standard connecting trail that will lead to the Picnic Shelter, the Nature Play area and ADA standard picnic tables.  As the park develops, Snider anticipates opportunities to engage with our Grade Schools for field trips and other educational activities.  He supports public spaces, particularly parks, where families and friends can go to have a good time.

Snider is running for re-election in November.  While many projects have finished well (among them, the Lake Oswego Water System), there are many in process that he would like to see to a beneficial end, and other projects that are not yet started but that would be great for the With ongoing issues such as urban growth boundaries and the Tigard Triangle, Snider, if re-elected, will continue his work with a basic knowledge of what his constituencies favor, enabled with new energy of a full term ahead.  In his next term, Snider and his Council peers would like to continue finding ways to expedite the Council’s work and save time and tax dollars when City tasks and improvements are not  further complicated by external considerations but can be accomplished within the City’s authority for completion. 

We asked about the Light Rail ballot proposal this fall; Snider agrees that the best vote is the most informed vote.  To that end, he recommended that we read the Voter’s Pamphlet carefully, along with exploring some of the online information that is available.  We inquired about light rail considerations that have been off the table for a long time but still have a negative review.  He encourages us to read the newest information available.  For a more comprehensive overview, see the following site.


Council President Snider and the City of Tigard have demonstrated ongoing support for the Bull Mountain (Neighborhood) Park development since 2012.  City of Tigard, Metro, Friends of Bull Mountain Park and many supportive citizens have shared the commitment to the proposed projects.  Involvement in the park development has served as a valuable learning experience for the National Honor Society students, Eagle Scout candidates, Boy Scouts and other students who have had the opportunity to present and attend various meetings with elected City Officials present.

The City of Tigard remains committed to maintaining Bull Mountain Park after the approved projects have been completed by Friends of Bull Mountain Park, and have been accepted by the City of Tigard.  During the development, City of Tigard staff members are committed to overseeing the projects to ensure that the work is completed according to design, and safety during development and in the park after the projects are completed.

Financial support is still needed. While President Council Snider cannot speak to future funding, he is supports the development. From having spent over four years on the City of Tigard Budget Committee, he understands more than most the issues of ‘cost creep’.  Friends of Bull Mountain Park, now awarded CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) funds to include an ADA approved trail connecting the two ADA friendly drop off locations, is facing an increase in the costs associated with ADA standards throughout the park.

Financial support is still needed. While President Council Snider cannot speak to future funding, he is supports the development. From having spent over four years on the City of Tigard Budget Committee, he understands more than most the issues of ‘cost creep’.  Friends of Bull Mountain Park, now awarded CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) funds to include an ADA approved trail connecting the two ADA friendly drop off locations, is facing an increase in the costs associated with ADA standards throughout the park.

We focus on the vision and have confidence in our City of Tigard and Metro for continued support and assistance.  We thank Council President Jason Snider for his time and encouragement. 

Tigard City Council President Jason Snider attended the Groundbreaking Ceremony

A Nice Problem to Have

By Irene Khavari

When Friends of Bull Mountain Park became a grass roots organization in 2012, it never occurred to me that we would become incorporated with a 501 (c) 3 affiliate to manage Metro funds and other cash donations.  As is true of all good volunteer groups, as one thing was completed, another project was considered, presented for approval and it was also completed…to the tune of 60 hands on, out of pocket projects COMPLETED!  These range from over a mile and a half of soft trails throughout the Bull Mountain Park to various benches, picnic tables, ADA standard toilet, tool shed, etc. 

By the time this FBMP Newsletter is released, most will have noticed the construction started to establish an ADA friendly drop off at the Woodshire Lane and Alpine Crest entrances. The excavation for the picnic shelter, Nature Play and ADA standard trails connecting these entrances is scheduled to begin in October, having been approved by the City of Tigard; also, a spending requirement for funds released through the Metro grant. 

The truth is, we have enough to begin construction, but need more to finish.  The blessing or problem, depending on if you’re a half full or half empty person, stems from the City of Tigard CIP (Capital Improvement Plan) grant of $100,000 to develop an ADA standard trail and two ADA friendly drop off sites at Woodshire Lane and Alpine Crest Way.  With these funds, the Friends of Bull Mountain Park quickly recognized the value of having a park loop rather than a straight trail.  The loop would serve to take all visitors on a more pleasant path to all the features in the park.  The enhancement, as you would expect, will require additional funds. 

The Good News – the contract entered into between Friends and GSE is inclusive and the costs are contractually guaranteed if all construction is completed by Sept 30, 2017.  If not, the costs associated with completing the park development will go up. 

An editorial comment – at the wonderful park summer picnics, at the Farmer’s Market and even in church, I’ve heard comments on how wonderful the plan is – or what would make it a good, better or best park, in their opinion.  Okay- FBMP is committed to development as far as the money takes us.  With the existing funds available, it will be an all “obligations met park”.  With additional funds by year -end, it can be spectacular. And, become a model that can be replicated for other park development in Tigard.

So, if you are compelled by the plan, ongoing construction and preserving one of our most natural treasures while making it accessible to all ages and abilities, now is the time to make your gift.  Tax-deductible contributions can be made to FBMP or TRWC and a receipt for tax reporting will be provided.  We look forward to enjoying the Bull Mountain Park with you.   Please make it so through your generous donations.

Volunteer Project

By Natalie Clark

Invasive species often take over and control our parks. These species are non-native to the area and can cause harm to the surrounding wildlife and plants. On October 23rd, Tigard High School's National Honor Society helped remove invasive species from the Bull Mountain Park. These species included, ivy, geranium and blackberry bushes. Without the help of the eleven National Honor Society students, these species would continue to grow and kill off trees and other plants in the park.

It was so amazing to be informed on the differences of the plants and be able to truly understand the importance of having the correct plants in the forests. The weather was absolutely perfect and everyone was exposed to some wildlife as a deer walked down the path while we were working.  I am so thankful for Linda Shaw and the many others involved with maintaining and restoring Bull Mountain Park's true beauty!

Thank you again so much Linda for allowing me to work along side you to complete this project!

Picnic in the Park

By Linda Shaw

We had 6 “Picnic in the Park” events this past summer.  The concept was simple: you bring your blanket, chair and your picnic dinner and we’ll provide the entertainment.   We had bands that ranged from 7 musicians to 1 individual playing the acoustic guitar.    Even on those 100 degree nights, the park is completely shaded at 5:00 p.m. to host these events.  We had anywhere from 60 -100 neighbors join us at each picnic, and the music was fantastic every time.

We love promoting the musicians that are right here in Tigard.  If you are a band member or know someone who is, and would like to perform at the park, please have them contact me for the Summer of 2017.    

A special thanks to the following people who made these events happen this summer;
Irene Khavari - selling our Bull Mountain Picnic blanket and earrings to continue our fundraising efforts.

  • Dale Werner from Alpenrose Dairy brought ice cream cups to help cool us off.
  • City of Tigard-granted the Friends of Bull Mountain a community grant to help advertise and sell items for fundraising.
  • Signscope on Hwy 99 - made our signs to help us promote our summer events.
  • And all the bands who came to perform:  Hot Rod and the Convertibles, Jason Moore Guitar Students, High-water Johnny/Big Chief and the Hedgehogs, Jack Mortenson Music/Niamh Official Music and the Tigard High Guitar band.  

Thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you next summer!
Linda Shaw
Volunteer Coordinator for Friends of Bull Mtn. Park

Project Updates

By Sarah Soper

As many of you might have noticed, construction has started. In September, we chose a contractor from the Request for Proposals submissions, a public bid process for the construction quotes. We then selected a construction company after interviewing 2 possible contractors. We signed a contract, and submitted our permit applications. We met onsite with the City of Tigard for a preconstruction meeting on October 7th. The Woodshire Entrance is closed off and work has begun to make that entrance an ADA friendly drop-off. We are making every effort to keep the other areas of the park open during construction but we ask everyone to respect the construction zone for the safety of all.

Greg Schroeder with GSE starts contruction


City of Tigard Public Works Update

By Sarah Soper

In October, FBMP had a Metro Site Visit for our extension of the Nature in Neighborhood grant extension. The City of Tigard, Metro representatives and FBMP were in attendance. See the full article at the following site.

Major Underwriter and Grants
  Metro Nature in Neighborhood
  City of Tigard Capital Improvement Plan

Donors and Sponsors
  Tigard Noon Rotary (Legacy Donor)
  Bonnie G. Conger (Legacy Donor)
  Anonymous (One family, Visionary Donor)
  Austin Industries, Scott & Loni Parrish (Visionary Donor)
  Mr. Tree (Visionary Donor)
  Ken & Joan Austin (Patron Donor)
  Mike & Cheryl Druding (Patron Donor)
  Jake Egger (Patron Donor)
  Greatbatch Inc. (Patron Donor)
  Paul & Sarah Messenger (Patron Donor)
  James & Lorraine Clauss (Patron Donor)
  Robert & Sarah Soper (Patron Donor)
  Irene M. Khavari, Sunstone Distributors (Patron Donor)
  Renee M. Johnson (Patron Donor)
  Synopsys (Patron Donor)
Corporate Donors
  Dan Muro of RE/MAX
  JAE Oregon, Inc.
  John and Steve Barker/Barker Construction
  M. Crew - Enrique Marguez
  Parr Lumber
  Pacific West Roofing, Stan Robinson
  Right Angle Digital Print & Supply Inc.
  The CarMax Foundation
  Tigard Burgerville
  Tigard Sherwin-Williams, Nate McNeely
  Northwest Playground Eq. Inc., James Wellington
  Washington Square Dental, Dr. Rashidi
  Broadway Rose, Sharon & Dan Maroney
  Right Angle Digital Print & Supply Inc.
  Cruise In Country Dinner, Terry & Nancy Hummel
  Trees Restaurant, Shannon Johnson & Ashlie Elstad,
  Dr. Timothy Hubbard D.C., Sherwood Chiropractic
  Catrick Cleaners

Leave a Legacy

Checks made payable to: Tualatin River Watershed Council
Check Memo line:  Friends of Bull Mountain Park Project or FBMP Project
Send to:    

April Olbrich
Friends of Bull Mountain Park (FBMP) Projects
Tualatin River Watershed Council (TRWC)

PO Box 338
Hillsboro OR 97123-0338

Construction has started
Greg Schroeder and Toraj Khavari signing contract.
For more details about the FBMP’s projects and BMP concept plan refer to the following documents.
                                    City Of Tigard -  http://www.tigard-or.gov/community/bull_mountain_park.php
                                    FBMP Nature Play Projects Information - https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FEBMP/files/Nature%20Play%20Projects%20Information/
                                    FBMP November 2014 Newsletter - https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/FEBMP/files/newsletters/

FBMP Contacts
    Chairperson : Toraj Khavari   toraj.khavari@gmail.com
    Newsletter Editor: Sarah Soper   snsoper@mac.com
    Tigard Park and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) Liaison: Tim Pepper  tpepper@gmail.com
    Trail Masters: Tim Pepper  tpepper@gmail.com and Jenn Eaton  jennilynn311@yahoo.com
    Volunteer and Event Coordinator: Linda Shaw  lindashaw13178@msn.com
    Eagle Scout Advising and Web Administration: Bruce Harbison  c5racer88@gmail.com

FBMP Meetings

Please mark your calendars and join us.

Time and Dates: January 26, 2017 - 7 PM to 8:30 PM

Where: Fire Station #50, located at 12617 SW Walnut St. Tigard OR, 97223

Bull Mountain Park
The BMP soft trails start at multiple (6) entrances: SW Greenfield Drive, SW Benchview Place, SW Woodshire, SW Alpine Crest Way, SW Fernridge Terrace, and SW Ridgefield Ln.
Come and enjoy the park, be active, be healthy, and be green. Bull Mountain Park area photo and trail maps:

Connect with the FRIENDS of BMP at the following sites:
                                                            Yahoo® User Group - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FEBMP/ 

Park Address - 13950 SW Alpine Crest Way, Tigard, Oregon 97223

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